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"Håla Duett is an interesting duo consisting of drummer Yann Joussein (living in Paris, France and involved with COAX Collective and numerous band including Bribes 4, Snap!, DDJ...) and
guitarist Sheik Anorak (living in Göteborg, Sweden and running Gaffer Records and playing with Neige Morte, -1, Videoiid, etc.
The music the duo plays is actually a mix or sum of both musicians influences...and the spectrum can be quite broad.
But here those two talented musicians chose to explore the fields of the minimal and repetitive sides of both kraut and african music...and kinda mix them with free drumming.
The results is a unique mix of 2 genres that were not supposed to meet..."
J. Taylor

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/haladuett/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/haala_duett/


Forthcoming shows


Previous shows

Scandinavia Tour 2019
Dec. 13th - (no) Oslo @ Kafé Haerverk
Dec. 15th  - (se) Göteborg @ Koloni
Dec. 16th - (se) Gnesta @ Vår Lokal
Dec. 17th - (dk) Copenhagen @ Mandags Klubben

UK and (a bit of) France Tour 2017

Dec. 01st - (en) Margate @ 101 Social Club
Dec. 02nd - (en) Liverpool @ North Shore Troubadour
Dec. 04th - (sco) Glasgow @ Bloc+
Dec. 05th - (sco) Edinburgh @ Henry's Cellar
Dec. 06th - (en) Bristol @ Cafe Kino
Dec. 07th - (fr) Paris @ Mains d'Oeuvres

Sept. 29th - (fr) Lyon @ Gaffer Fest 2017


This is a link to a demo recording of one of our song. An EP is recorded and scheduled for 2019 though.
In the meantime this is what we have...



Live at Koloni (Göteborg, SE) December 2018