January 26th 2019

Hi folks!
Once again we have some new releases for you!
It's been a long time since last update so here's the list of the newest releases.
Be sure to grab your own copy of those limited gems before they get sold out!

GR072 - Cement Shoes "Opus Caementicium" CD + DL
GR070 - Dandaure "EP1" MC + DL
GR069 - Atatat & Ryoko Ono "No Breeze In Space" MC + DL
GR068 - Antoine Mermet "Bouche Amplifiče" LP + DL

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September 7th 2018

Hi folks!
Hope you're ok. We have some new releases for you!
Both coming from Scandinavia: Norway and Sweden
First is Videoiid, a no wave/ noise/ punk trio from Göteborg, Sweden.
They released their first EP on a beautiful blue tape in a red & clear case
And the second one is the mighty Next Life from Oslo, Norway!
"The Akashic Record" is the name of this mini album. You gonna love it !

GR066 - Videoiid "EP" Tape & Download
GRO67 - Next Life "The Akashic Record" Stream & Download


January 28th 2018

Yes! exactly 2 years (!!!) after the last update, here we are again !
Gaffer Records is back on tracks after this 2 years break...
We never really disappeared, just sleept a bit and did some other stuff.
But we're back with some great releases for you out there :

GR063 - Not On The Guest List "Free! Spirit! Chant!" CD and DL
GR064 - Sheik Anorak "North Star" CD and DL
GR065 - Marc Edwards/ Mick Barr duo "The Bowels of Jupiter" CD and DL

Jump to the STORE page or to our Bandcamp page to get your hands on them!!



January 28th 2016

Ok, almost a year without updating the webpage...that's weird...and way too long :-)
Of course loads of stuff happened in the meantime. Too many to mention them all.

So, just to name a few and to focus on what is happening now and what will happen next...
We have some new releases coming soon and there's a bunch of nice records you probably didn't check out yet.
So go to the STORE page and get them before it's too late...seriously, the "Fusées" LP is already almost sold out f.ex !
We'll have a magnificent solo LP from Magda Mayas coming in the next days, it's called "Terrain"
Also the 2nd album for the nothern trio Yes Deer and the new Sheik Anorak album, so stay tuned people.

We also have a video report of the previous Gaffer Fest, available here --> Day One | Day Two

More info soon, let's hope :-)


March 23rd 2015

The 2nd LP from the mighty quartet The Pitch is now available.
You can now grab your copy via our store.
Don't wait as they're limited.

Next releases :
GR054 - France Sauvage "Jeux vocaux de bord de Dronne" LP + DL
GR055 - The Kurws "All that is solid melts into air" LP +DL
GR056 - J.L. Guionnet & T Bonvallet "Fusées" LP + DL


December 28th 2014

This is the last news batch for 2014!
We just released this great album from The End.
A greay trio with Heddy Boubaker, Fabien Duscombs and Mathieu Werchowski.
Be sure to check this out and grab your digital copy!


We'll also have some nice releases in 2015, see :

GR053 - The Pitch "Argon & Xenon" LP
GR054 - France Sauvage "Jeux vocaux des bords de Dronne" LP
GR055 - The Kurws "All that is solid melts into air" LP
GR056 - Jean Luc Guionnet & Thomas Bonvallet "Fusées" LP
...more to come soon...

We'll also have a brand new project/ page/ mini label starting in 2015.
It will be called "E.V.O.L." and will be electronic music oriented.
Stay in touch !!


September 10th 2014

After a long break, here we are again.
The first big news is obviously the 2014 edition of the Gaffer Fest on October 10th and 11th !
This year is a bit special as Gaffer Records celebrates its 10th year of existence.
We hope you'll like the line up.
Every info you may need is here --> WWW.GAFFERFEST.COM

Second news is the release of "Prime" by
Dead Neanderthals & Colin Webster.
A great 40min LP with only one track...but what a track!
This great piece of wax will be out for their gig in Lyon on October 10th.

Check some reviews already to get your own idea of what's to come :



May 1st 2014

Here they are, "The Talk Of Tennis" by Yes Deer
and "RED" by The William Hooker 4tet are now available via our STORE page.
Be sure to get your copy of both of them before they're gone.




February 08th 2014

Sheik Anorak's new album "Keep Your Hands Low" will be available on Feb. 21st.
It will be released on CD in collaboration with SK Records.
Be sure to also check Sheik Anorak's webpage to get the tour dates.



January 25th 2014

Just a quick update to announce the release of the CD version of
"In St Johann" from The Ames Room.
Now Available from the STORE.

More info about forthcoming releases and tours soon.



November 17th 2013

Our new release is the 2nd album from UK 4tet Predicate.
It is called "Nails".

Predicate is led by Alex Ward (“a compulsively creative polymath” – Stewart Lee;
“one of those musicians who seems to get interesting music out of anything he touches”
– Nate Dorward) and features Tim Hill on saxophones, Dominic Lash on double bass
and Mark Sanders on drums.
Ward writes the compositions for the group and plays electric guitar
(he is also known in other contexts as a clarinettist).
The music, while often taking a high-energy free-jazz approach as its starting point,
also incorporates the electric aggression of rock, the abstract interplay of non-idiomatic improvisation
and a diverse range of compositional tactics into an intense and unclassifiable whole.
Predicate played their first show in February 2010, and since then have performed regularly around the UK
including a Jazz Services tour in spring 2012. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2012.

GR048 - Predicate "Nails" CD + DL (available nov. 24th 2013)


October 14th 2013

The 2013 edition of the Gaffer Fest was epic, intense and great...thanks to
all the musicians and the audience. So thank you, and thanks to
the Périscope team also.

We'll work on the next edition pretty soon, and it will be even better...
2014 is Gaffer Records 10th year birthday !!
Be there!

In the meantime , you can enjoy the new records as they're all available now
(except The Ames Room CD which will come in a few weeks, sorry about the delay).

Cheers !



October 5th 2013

Here it is, the 2013 edition of the Gaffer Fest is about to start.
The line up is something really special with loads of great artists and bands.
None of them is really big or can be considered a "headliner", and this is the purpose...
to get people to discover who is the next generation regarding innovative and extreme music.

To celebrate this event, 4 new records will be released :
GR044 - Loubatičre | Warnecke - "Non Lieu" LP & DL
GR045 - The Ames Room - In Tyrol" CD & LP
GR046 - Dead Neanderthals & Colin Webster - "...and it ended badly" CD & DL
GR047 - KNYST! "self titled" CD & DL
GR043 - Bolide - "Soaks" CD & DL (available now)

See you very soon!
Thanks for your support.


August 13th 2013

Here it is, Millevoi/ Ricart 4tet LP "Haitian Rail" is available.
Jump and click to our STORE page to get your copy.

Haitian Rail is the powerful debut LP from the Ricart/Millevoi Quartet,
a new unit featuring four of the strongest voices in the creative music underground.
Thoughtful composition and ranging, rollicking improvisations make for
deeply rewarding listening, buoyed by laser focused precision.
From the dizzying unison melody of opener ‘Linive’ through
the off-kilter serialism of ‘Coqueternions,’
Haitian Rail is a record of burning, sprawling intensity,
effortlessly marrying the testifying, free-ranging spirit of
ecstatic free jazz with the electric textures and tones of avant-rock.

Forthcoming Releases
GR043 - Bolide "Soaks" CD (out aug. 2013)
GR044 - Loubatičre/ Warnecke "Non Lieu" LP + DL (out oct. 11th 2013)
GR045 - The Ames Room "Torcher" LP + CD (out oct. 11th 2013)
GR046 - Dead Neanderthals/ Colin Webster CD (out oct. 10th 2013)
GR047 - KNYST! CD (out oct. 10th 2013)



April 07th 2013

Yet another news update with new digital albums uploaded
on our Bandcamp page :

You'll find there :
"Daughters" from STAER
"Antennae" from Colin Webster
Gaffer Records sampler n°3

We also have a new release coming out soon.
Something a bit special as it's a collab release with SK Records and
R&R Masturbation Records. This is the first single 7" EP of Totale Eclipse.
You can already stream and/or donwload it here.
More info soon.



April 1st 2013

Here's some of the latest news from Gaffer Records.

First of all, the konstruKt LP (feat. Peter Brötzmann & guests) won't be released.
There's no need to give many details, but just need to let you know that Peter was not
really aware of the LP release...seems like konstruKt forgot to mention it.
So the LP won't be released and so will the boxset including the collaborations
LP's between konstruKt and other guests (Marshall Allen, Evan Parker...)
We're really sad and disapointed but we'd rather not to proceed with this anymore
as we don't know the "terms" between konstruKt and the other
musicians they share those recordings with.
We're sorry about the whole story and wish the best to konstruKt and all their guests.

If you were interested by the "Eklisia Sunday" LP, just know that only 5 records (test press)
were made and are available.
Just write to order@gafferrecords.com for more info.

Second news is the release of the Millevoi/ Ricart 4tet LP called "Haitian Rail".
One track, taken from this LP is available on The Wire Tapper compilation CD.
The record will be out in early may. More info about it very soon...

And latest news is about our STORE.
Loads of customers don't add the shipping costs when they order records, and it's a but awkward
to always "ask" for that money.
So the new prices are ALL POSTPAID.
The system is maybe not perfect (we'll regulate the prices if people order several records,
so the shipping costs won't be paid many times for the same order).
But we don't want to use those formated store/shop/cart.
Please let us know if you encounter some issues.



February 05th 2013

Here we are again...back from this looooong break.
Loads of new releases are scheduled :
GR040 - STAER "Daughters" LP (march 2013)
GR041 - Bolide "Soaks" CD (Free Jazz CD series vol. 6) (march 2013)
GR042 - Ricart/ Millevoi 4tet (w/ Laplante & Ches Smith) "Haitian Rail" LP (april/may 2013)
GR0?? - The Flying Luttenbachers " Cataclysm" LP
GR0?? - The Ames Room CD
GR0?? - The Pitch LP
...and more to come soon...

Here's the 2 next records to be released on Gaffer Records :

GR038 - konstruKt (feat. Peter Brötzmann, Hüseyin Ertunç, Dogan Dogusel & Barlas Tan Ozemek)
"Eklisia Sunday" LP

Release date : March 1st 2013.
konstruKt , a quartet from Istanbul - offers us a great free jazz concert recorded (in may 2011)
in a church built during the 17th century.
Along with great guests (with Peter Brötzmann among others),
konstuKt is able to give birth to a music that belongs to their own cultural roots
and the 70's black free jazz area, like Don Cherry.
This LP is the first item of the forthcoming LP boxset (with other great musicians
such as Marshall Allen or Evan Parker...)

GR039 - Colin Webster "Antennae" tape.
Release date : March 1st 2013.
Colin Webster is a talented sax player from London.
He collaborates with Anthony Johnston (in the Spam Band),
plays as a duo with Mark Holub, as a trio with Holub (again) and Sheik Anorak
or even in bands...Colin can play everything.
But here, playing solo, he is able to show his skills and play soft, very soft,
profound just by using his lungs and the mechanics of his instrument..
A quiet and smart music you should give all your attention.

As usual, get in touch for shops, distros, promo stuff...



November 17th 2012

Just a quick news to remind you about Marteau Rouge LP and Webster | Holub | Anorak trio CD.
Just jump to the STORE page before they're all gone. We have warned you !

And another news, Gaffer Records is now working with Subradar.no.
You'll find there some titles of our catalogue in digital format.
And check their other stuff, great label such as Clean Feed or PNL are also available via Subradar.


October 13th 2012

Here we are, the 2012 edition of the Gaffer Fest is over...
Thanks to all the people who came, bands who played and the Periscope team.
Those 3 days where great !

We have 2 new releases from Marteau Rouge and the Webster | Holub | Anorak trio.
Check the STORE page if you want to get your copie(s).

June 10th 2012

2 new releases for this month of june :
GR035 - Akode "Sa(n)dnes(s)" CD (Free Jazz vol. 5)
GR036 - LOUP "The Opening" CD

Both will be available on june 20th, check STORE page.
Akode and LOUP will tour in the next days/ weeks, check thier own pages for info.

April 2nd 2012

Just a few words to present Sheik Anorak's new webpage : www.sheikanorak.com
and video :

SHEIK ANORAK - GRRRND ZERO - MARS 2012 from Amaury Riega.


March 9th 2012

GR032 - Will Guthrie "Sticks, stones & breaking bones" CD is now available
(LP is to be ready in a few days)
And so is GR033 - STAER "s/t" LP.

Go visit our STORE page now... and as usual, shops, distros and mailorders, just get in touch for quotes.


February 9th 2012

Our first update of the year... yep we're slow.
But here's some interesting stuff for you out there...

We can now announce our next 2 releases :
GR032 - Will Guthrie "Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones" CD & LP
GR033 - STAER "s/t" LP

Both will be out soon and you can already pre order the Will Guthrie CD and/or LP.
Go to the STORE page...and as usual, shops, distros, mailorders, get in touch for quotes and info...


December 24th 2011

Hi people,
Just a few words before the end of the year to let you know about our brand new
Bandcamp page : HERE
There you'll find our label sampler n°1(free download)
and the first Gaffer's digital release : Kanine "Rain Dance".
More info about Kanine below...

Please let us know if you have any comments/ issues with this page and/or downloads.

We'll come back to you soon with some Xmas/new year deals!
Merry Xmas!

Kanine - "Rain Dance" Download.
Kanine is a french free jazz duo. Art' plays sax and Sheik Anorak plays drums.
The two musicians share the same taste for dense, intense and furious music from
talented pionners like Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Peter Brotzmann, etc.
"Rain Dance" is thier first recording and this is pure late 60's free jazz
(circa. 25min | 4 tracks | minimum price : 2 euros).

October 29th 2011

6th split of the 10'' series is finally here!

After several months of waiting we are now proud to announce the release of the
Gustafsson_Strid duo/ Riis & the smooth ones split 10". Mats Gustafsson teamed with
Raymond Strid - great swedish drummer - for some elegant and soft textures improvised tracks.
On the other side, Jakob Riis add some electronic ingredients to the Madsen/ Svensson hockey game.
Try to guess who won...


September 11th 2011

Here's some new releases for you people.
We have a new split 7" available this week with MoHa! on side A
and Horacio Pollard on side B.
2 sides of demanding and intense music. Clear vinyl, clear layout, clear insert... and two different covers, make your own choice!

And right after that we'll have the split 10" with Mats Gustafsson and Raymond Stid on one side Vs. Riis and the Smooth ones on the other.
Release date is october 9th (which is also the date of the Thing's gig at GAFFER FEST !)


August 10th 2011

Gaffer fest 2011 line up is confirmed and now available on www.gafferfest.com
Just check it and we'll be back with more info and new releases in a few weeks.