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10'' split serie:
(available) GR10SS-06 - Strid_Gustafsson/ Riis & the smooth ones
(available) GR10SS-05
- Ahleuchatistas / FAT32

(LAST COPIES!!) GR10SS-04 - MoHa!/ Tape That
(sold out!) GR10SS-03 - Offonoff/ Jazkamer
(sold out!) GR10SS-02 - Les Aus/ Sheik Anorak_Weasel Walter duo
(sold out!) GR10SS-01 - Gentle Veincut/ Kandinsky

Digital Only
E.V.O.L. series
(available) GREV01 - KIM PALEC "EP1 - KIM PALEC"

(available) GRDG03 -
The End "Last Blues "
(available) GRDG02 - LOUP "Modern Heretic" ep
(available) GRDG01 - Kanine "Rain Dance"

Regular Catalogue

(available) GR072 - Cement Shoes "Opus Caementicium" CD + DL
(available) GR071 - dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS/Parpar "split" LP + DL
(available) GR070 - Dandaure "EP1" MC + DL
(available) GR069 - Atatat & Ryoko Ono "No Breeze In Space" MC + DL
(available) GR068 - Antoine Mermet "Bouche Amplifièe" LP + DL
(available) GR067 - Next Life "The Akashic Record" DL
(available) GR066 - Videoiid "EP" MC + DL
(available) GR065 - Marc Edwards/ Mick Barr duo "The Bowels Of Jupiter" CD + DL
(available) GR064 - Sheik Anorak"North Star" CD + DL
(available) GR063 - Not On The Guest List"Free! Spirit! Chant!" CD + DL
(available) GR062 - Killerkume "Industrial Sunbath" LP + DL
(sold out!) GR061 -Sheik Anorak"Let's juts bullshit our way through" CD + DL
(available) GR060 - Yes Deer "Get Your Glitter Jacket" LP + DL
(sold out!) GR059 - Magda Mayas "Terrain" LP + DL
(available) GR058 - Totale Eclipse "92" LP
(available) GR057 - Sheik Anorak "Or" CD + DL
(sold out!) GR056 - Thomas Bonvalet & Jean Luc Guionnet "Fusées" LP + DL
(available) GR055 - The Kurws "All that is solid melts into air" LP + DL
(available) GR054 - France Sauvage "Jeux vocaux du bord de Dronne" LP
(available) GR053 - The Pitch "Xenon & Argon " LP + DL
(available) GR052 - Dead Neanderthals "Prime" LP + DL
(available) GR051 - The William Hooker 4tet "RED
" (Free Jazz CD series vol.8) CD + DL
(available) GR050 - Sheik Anorak "Keep your hands low
" CD + DL
(sold out!) GR049 - Yes Deer "The Talk Of Tennis " LP + DL
(available) GR048 - Predicate "Nails" CD + DL
(sold out!) GR047 - KNYST! "Self titled" CD +DL (Free Jazz CD series vol.7)
(available) GR046 - Dead Neanderthals & Colin Webster "...and it ended badly " CD & DL
(LP is sold out!) GR045 - The Ames Room "In St Johann" LP & CD
(available) GR044 - Loubatière | Warnecke "Non Lieu" LP & DL
(sold out!) GR043 - Bolide "Soaks" CD (Free Jazz CD series vol.6)
(available) GR042 - Totale Eclipse "Bad Days b/w Opportunivore " 7''
(available) GR041 - Ricart/ Millevoi 4tet "Haitian Rail" LP
(sold out!) GR040 - STAER "Daughters" LP

(available) GR039 - Colin Webster "Antennae" tape
(cancelled ! this record won"t be released! ) GR038 - konstruKt ( w/ Peter Brötzmann & friends) "Eklisia Sunday " LP
(available) GR037 - Webster | Holub | Anorak trio "Languages" CD
(available) GR036 - LOUP "The Opening " CD
(available) GR035 - Marteau Rouge "Noir" LP
(sold out!) GR034 - Akode "Sa(n)dnes(s)" CD (Free Jazz Vol. 5)
(sold out!) GR033 - STAER "s/t" LP
(available) GR032
Will Guthrie "Sticks, Stones and Breaking Bones " CD / LP
(sold out!) GR031
- FAT32 "Hard Drive" 7"
(available) GR030 - MoHa! / Horacio Pollard split 7"
(sold out!)
GR029 - Kandinsky "MCHN" CD (Free Jazz CD series Vol.4)
(sold out) GR028 - Colin Webster | Mark Holub | Toby McLaren "Koi Bombs" CD (Free Jazz CD series Vol.3)
(available) GR027 - Sheik Anorak | Weasel Walter | Mario Rechtern "Bass bass bass bass" LP
(sold out!) GR026 - LOUP "s/t" CD (Free Jazz CD series Vol. 2)
- The Pitch "Transposition Zero" LP
GR024 -
Hallux Valgus "GALE = Paranoïa + Frustration + Psychose" one sided LP
(sold out!! ) GR023 - Weasel Walter | Sheik Anorak | Mario Rechtern "The forbidden beat " CDr+DVDr (Free Jazz CD series vol.1)
(available) GR022 - Weasel Walter "Apocaliptik Paranoia" CD
(sold out!) GR020
- Lewis Karloff "Lapin de couture" CD
(sold out!!) GR019 - A.H. Kraken "Tatiana" one sided LP
(sold out!) GR018 - Dead Elephant "Lowest Shared Descent" LP
(sold out!) GR017 - Hallux Valgus "s/t" tape
(sold out!) GR016 - Death To Pigs "Carnal Carnival" LP
(sold out!) GR015 - Nervous Kid "Nervous Kid" 7''
(sold out!) GR014 - Don Vito "III" 10''
(available, last copies !!) GR013 - Monosourcil "s/t" one sided LP
(available) GR012 - Talibam! "Buns & Gutter" CD
(sold out!) GR011 - Sheik Anorak "Hyper Mega Giga" tape
(sold out!) GR010 - Kandinsky "tRASKOMI eLCAÄST" CD
(sold out!) GR009 - Violent Breakfast "Nient'Altro Che Tempo" CD
(available) GR008 - But God Created Woman "Love Your Children" CD
(sold out!) GR007 - El Eje Del Mäl "Son Ponys De Feria" 7''
(sold out!) GR006 - A Flower Kollapsed "Orsago" CD
(sold out!) GR005 - SoCRaTeS "Vultures, Hyenas & Coyotes" 7''
(sold out!) GR004 - Death To Pigs/ Gu Guai Xing Qiu split 12''
(sold out!) GR003 - 4 way split vol.1 CD (El Eje Del Mäl/ Shooting Victor Francis/ SoCRaTeS/ Violent Breakfast)
(sold out!) GR002 - Violent Breakfast/ Laghetto split 7''
(sold out!) GR001 - SoCRaTeS "s/t" 3''CDr